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About the RxData platform

Less Stress, More Market Access

With RxData, conduct your analogue analysis with peace of mind! Clear information with holistic views of key product life-cycle events:

  • 25,000 Regulatory events
  • 30,000 HTA Publications
  • 50,000 Reimbursement decisions
  • 85,000 Drug names
  • 6,000,000 Price points
  • 2,500,000 Formulary entries
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All-in-one solution for market access, pricing and reimbursement

With live monitoring of more than 100 data sources, RxData is the most complete repository of market access intelligence. RxData has detailed market access information presented in a simple way.

  • 3 simple views: Events, Coverage and Pricing
  • Search by Drugs or Indications
  • Exportable Market Access dashboards
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Experience innovation in market access

Better assess and predict coverage across U.S. payer types:

  • Payer restrictiveness ratings based on utilization management tools used
  • Patient out-of-pocket costs breakdown

Better evaluate global decisions:

  • HTA methodologies
  • Clinical endpoints used
  • Decisions outputs
  • Reimbursement restrictions
  • Visible net prices
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Reduce research time by up to 95%

With RxData, go-to-market faster:

  • Make better decisions and fewer costly mistakes
  • Have a finger on the pulse using real-time data
  • Lower research costs by up to 70% and go faster and with fewer resources by avoiding a new project every time
  • Access an internal repository to keep the knowledge in-house and gain competitive advantage
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What's your case?

Phase 2/3 Transition (1)

Company A has a small molecule that has demonstrated activity across a range of tumors in Phase 2 and is finalizing Phase 3 strategy. Ultimately the company is looking to maximize lifetime value of the asset. The company intends to model the value of each potential indication (accounting for potential price, size of opportunity and competitive intensity) and then analyze whether lifetime value is enhanced by sequencing smaller but higher priced indications first vs. focusing on the largest potential indication.